Litza Bixler is the woman behind the Compasso curtain. She is a creative expert and consultant with experience across a wide range of art forms: including film, theatre, fine-art, dance, and writing. She is a certified Kaizen-Muse Creative Coach, with additional certificates in counseling, hypnotherapy and NLP. She also has a Masters in Dance Anthropology and has trained in a broad range of dance and somatic techniques.

Litza’s creative journey has been full of twists and turns, ups and downs, playfulness and laughter, interesting characters, and of course a few dark nights of the soul. She set up Compasso Coaching to help others discover their own true north and navigate their journey with compassion, creativity and courage.

Possible selves [are] a better predictor of well-being and self-esteem than one’s actual self. The possible self is an active and important ingredient of your whole self. It’s a sense of what can be possible for you that keeps you going emotionally, that motivates.
— Harnessing Possible Selves: Q&A With Hazel Rose Markus, Ph.D.