“Litza’s gentle & imaginative approach helped me to get back on track”

Working with images and creative meditations allowed me to open up again and remove any unhelpful thoughts that were blocking my path. I felt very held during sessions and rediscovered the courage to imagine unexplored ideas, and to refine some of the ideas I had buried.  

It has been brilliant working with Litza and the coaching experience was light, fun and engaging.

Belinda Chapman, Movement Director, Performer, Arts Foundation Fellow

“I felt armed with clarity and a desire to take the on the world!”

Litza was fantastic! Not only did I learn a lot from simply filling out her questionnaire, in our session she was incredibly attentive and insightful. She would notice themes and reflect them back to me, which was incredibly helpful in understanding where I was coming from. After our sessions, I felt armed with clarity and a desire to take the on the world! I highly recommend her services.

Josh Billings, Creative Entrepreneur & Coach


Litza is one of the most creative people I know and that is saying something as I have worked with some of the best directors and artists in the world. She has the ability to find practical solutions for complex problems and she also encourages people go beyond their limits and helps them to break down the barriers that stop them. Litza is open-minded and believes anyone can be creative and has an instinct for what people’s gifts are.

Anna Brunoro, Film & Television Producer


Workshop Feedback

“Litza created a warm & accepting space.”

Litza created a warm and accepting space for all (even for someone who didn't consider herself as a creative type). The individual exercises and group work opened my eyes to the world in a different way. I learnt the history of creativity, the stages of the creative process and I was left with a lasting enthusiasm to find what I love to do and give it a try.

Asha Walsh, Film Professional

“Uplifting, intelligent...fun & helpful.”

A huge thank you for the most uplifting, intelligent, informative, eye opening, fun and helpful four hours I've had in a very long time. Much like a ballet barre which serves as a useful foundation for any dancer, your workshop provides an indispensable toolbox for any person across the creative spectrum.

Benny Maslov, Dancer & Choreographer


“It was amazing to hear her knowledge.”

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Litza’s creativity workshop yesterday. It was amazing  to hear her knowledge and experience, and I feel inspired to pursue my path with a renewed vigor.

Ian Janco, Artist & Musician

“An eye opener & really inspiring,.”

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday! It was an eye opener and really inspiring. If Litza has any more workshops within the UK or US I would love to join in. 

Dillan Suttle, Dancer